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History as a the reassignment of facts


Pieke High Hoff (1951) was born next to the Dobbelman-soap factory in Nijmegen, where her father worked. After the Catholic Girls Secondary School Mariënbosch, she studied at the HBO-library college in Tilburg and Amsterdam. She worked in libraries of the Van Gogh Museum, the Free University and the APS-education Centre, with the focus on bibliographic research, instruction and library automation.

The Office of Industrial Heritage (PIE) of National Heritage Institute in Zeist she worked on the automation of the library. The PIE had much appreciation for the work of amateur historians, and this led to her first writing: a company history. Zeep in Nijmegen: one hundred years Dobbelman factory in Bottendaal. Her interest in history is re-fueled: history companies such as the reassignment of facts, that a different can lead to cases not previously exposed or difficulty of the re-lights worth. They are looking for commitment to the subject and also works with oral history (interviews or Egodocuments) to make the stories more personal.

A large collection of plastic tableware was the basis for an investigation into the early history of the Dutch plastics industry and resulted in the article Plastics in the household in 1996. In cooperation with the Foundation History of Technology in TIN20 the project, the seven-part standard on Technology in the Netherlands in the twentieth century plastics 70 years at Van Niftrik. About plastics then they wrote several articles and books. Professional means Pieke High Hoff is engaged in information search on the Internet. In 1997 they developed a course on effective Internet use, with a course book in which six previously published articles on search strategy from the IDG Net Journal Magazine processed. She works as an information specialist at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate.